Saving Water with San Mateo Sprinkler Repairs

water conservationAs the San Mateo sprinkler repair experts, we are able to provide you with many great resources when it comes to water conservation. In this day and age, water conservation is a necessary part of life. Some people think conserving water when watering their lawn will only result in a dry, dead lawn, but this is no longer the case. Currently, there are a variety of high-tech water conserving sprinkler systems on the market.  Besides being great for the environment, a high-efficiency sprinkler system can save you hundreds of dollars every year. The trick is proper configuration: every plant in your yard has an optimal watering point, and a sprinkler system that is fit to address them will always leave your yards looking green and thriving.

Additionally, if your house has an old sprinkler system that seems to use too much water, but you just don't have the money to upgrade it, we can show you a variety of easily implemented parts and practices that may be able to help you start using less water today. These tips can cost little or no money to implement and can save you a lot of money in the long run, while also putting less strain on California's stressed water sources.

Whether you are interested in purchasing and installing a new water efficient sprinkler system or scheduling a consultation to learn more about some water saving techniques, make sure you call our office today. Non-emergency slots fill up fast and our team would love to meet you and your yard.

Add Rain Sensors to your Sprinkler System Today

rain sensor for duplo systemIf you have an automatic sprinkler system, one of the easiest ways to decrease your water usage is to have a rain sensor installed. With just one quick installation, your sprinkler system will suddenly know when it's raining and can take the day off.

If you still use a manually-operated sprinkler system, now may be the  time to look into upgrading to an automatic system. Automatic sprinkler systems can actually save you water by providing the perfect amount of water to every part of your yard, but it's easy to forget to turn a manual system off. You can also set your sprinkler system to water in the early morning, while neighborhood water pressure is at a high point and evaporation isn't a problem. Speak with your San Mateo sprinkler repair experts today to learn if upgrading to an automatic sprinkler system is within your budget.

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