Professional San Mateo Swimming Pool Removal

Is it time to remove your pool? If so, our San Mateo swimming pool removal experts are on the case. We have been removing pools and creating new planting areas for over a decade. Thousands of California pools are demolished and acres of landscape are reclaimed every year.

Why Do People Remove a Pool?

our San Mateo swimming pool removal experts are preparing a pool to be removedThere are four major reasons that people choose to have a pool removed:

  • Pools are dangerous to children and pets.
  • Pools take up space in the yard.
  • Pools are costly to maintain.
  • Pools limit the buyer market for the home.

It doesn't matter why you want your pool removed, we're the professionals to do it. We have been doing removals for over 10 years and know the ins and outs of California Building Code. There are several regulations regarding pool removal, from the proper way to dispose of pool water to the requirements for fill. Only a professional removal with a full inspection will prevent future liability if you choose to sell your home.

When you call our San Mateo swimming pool removal team, you can count on high-quality materials, the latest excavation equipment and comprehensive knowledge about codes and regulations. When we have finished you'll have a fully compacted and graded lawn and no sign that a pool was ever there.

How Much Will Swimming Pool Demolition Cost?

this is how the landscape looks life after our San Mateo swimming pool demolition techs cleared the areaThere is no set cost for pool removal. There are several factors that contribute to pricing including

  • The size of the pool
  • Equipment access to the site
  • If it will be a full or partial removal
  • What material the pool is made from (granite or fibre)
  • Local codes relating to material removal, debris handling and fill requirements

A San Mateo swimming pool demolition could be as low as $5000 or as much as $15,000. There is no way to determine the actual price until a professional contractor has inspected the site. Smaller, easier to reach pools are generally cheaper to remove than larger or hard to reach ones.

To get a full, on-site, no obligation quote, call our San Mateo swimming pool demolition specialists today. Even the best swimming pools don't last forever. If your pool is no longer adding value to your home or entertaining your family, call our Danville pool removal experts and schedule a demolition and fill today.

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